Integration CRM systems

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Integration CRM systems

CRM system is a convenient and effective software solution for working with your customer base and business in general. In the CRM, you can create customer cards, store the history of interaction with them: calls, correspondence, orders. You can import an existing customer base from another program into it. As a result, such a tool will increase the conversion and sales of the company by an average of 37% without additional investment in advertising.

The system even helps to cut costs and increase the speed of processing orders and customer calls. There are many CRMs on the business process automation market. The most popular of them are Megaplan, Bitrix24, amoCRM, MangoCRM, 1C, My Sklad, WireCRM and others.

Key features of CRM
- Working with clients. In most CRMs, you can filter and segment buyers and contractors according to different criteria. You can enter their contact information into the system and use a convenient search to quickly find information about the client, view the history of interaction with him.
- Working with sales. You can enter promising deals into the system and conduct them through the sales funnel. Transactions are linked to customer cards and stored in the system.
- Delineation of powers. If a large number of employees of different levels work with the system, you can configure data access rights. Managers will be able to appoint responsible persons, assign tasks to specific employees. So CRM combines the functions of a tool for teamwork.
- Analytical work. CRM has a reporting system. These are statistics for sales, funnel, completed or unfulfilled tasks. With this functionality, it is easy to assess the productivity of both the company as a whole and each manager individually and take action.

CRM integration
Despite such wide functionality, using CRM without integration with other services and systems makes little sense. For example, if your company receives sales from a website and social networks, then you need to integrate CRM with the CMS of the website and advertising accounts of social networks. Thanks to this, you will be able to receive orders directly to your CRM, integration with IP-telephony allows you to call customers and send them SMS. To build effective advertising campaigns, monitor the dynamics of sales, you can integrate the system with Yandex.Direct, Google Analytics. You can also connect Yandex.Market and get an additional source of sales. The list goes on and on.

Thus, the integration of CRM via API with other services makes the functionality of the system almost limitless. And the online connector ApiX-Drive will help them "make friends". In 5 minutes, without any special knowledge and skills, you can combine the work of the systems you need with your CRM. There is no need to order and pay for third-party services while waiting for the work to be completed.

The customer database can be regularly updated and always kept up to date. Simplify and automate your company's routine processes to increase sales conversions.
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