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Integration website builders

Sometimes you need to develop a website as soon as possible or there is no money for the services of designers and developers. In this case, you can use visual designers that greatly simplify this task. A number of such services are popular on the development market: Tilda Publishing, WIX, uCoz, uKit and others.

Some of them are suitable for the development of multi-page sites, others for the landing page, some are more suitable for beginners, others for confident users. The use of such systems is advisable in order to:

- quickly launch a small and not too complex project;
- visualize the idea, if it is difficult to describe the desired result to the developers in the terms of reference;
- make a landing page for a specific traffic;
- test ideas to see if they are worth spending time and money on;
- to make a site not for commercial purposes.

Most of the constructors have broad functionality:
- a large number of templates, including adaptive ones;
- the ability to change the design and elements (blocks) of the site;
- the ability not to use a template, but to create a site "from scratch", collecting from blocks and widgets;
- editing and adding code;
- SEO site optimization.

Integration of website builders by API
But not all constructors fully implement integration - the ability to connect to other services in order to expand the functionality of the site. Owners of online stores will definitely need a full-fledged import and export of a large number of goods to the catalog. Most modern websites need social media integration (comments and buttons).

You will also need to integrate the designer with CRM in order to automatically receive orders from the site, as well as with payment systems and analytics systems. In the future, online stores are usually connected to Yandex.Market or similar marketplaces to obtain an additional source of sales. Integration with IP telephony, SMS and email messaging services is often needed to work with clients.

Therefore, the use of the constructor without integration with other services and systems severely limits the site's capabilities. Combining systems and services makes the site's functionality unlimited. To implement this, it is not necessary to contact the developers, waste time and money.

The ApiX-Drive online connector can help with this. Thanks to this convenient and efficient service, you can “connect” the work of the systems you need in 5 minutes, without programming skills. ApiX-Drive has many additional useful options, these are mathematical functions, the ability to automatically update, etc.

So, your site will regularly update the database, and if you use a currency converter on your site or you have an online exchange office, ApiX-Drive can update the rate on it daily, in accordance with the current quotes.

Integration of the website builder for api with systems and applications with ApiX-Drive can be simple, fast, and most importantly, it automates many routine processes and reduces the cost of time and money.
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