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Integration online consultants

An online consultant is a service for communicating with visitors directly on the site in the format of correspondence and calls. It allows the managers of your Internet site to promptly answer users' questions, help them solve the problems they encountered on your site, or tell in more detail about a particular service or product.

This software solution allows you to optimize the work of the support service - the manager will be able to serve several clients at the same time. All that is needed for this is just to integrate the online consultant into the site using the API.

Online consultants can be paid or free. Before you get tempted by the free version, it is important to understand that its functionality will be limited, both for consultants and for your clients.

Basic functions of paid online consultants
Chating history. You can store the history of dialogues, thanks to this, the consultant will quickly navigate and continue the conversation if it was interrupted for some reason. In the event of a disputable situation, he will be able to appeal the answers of the client. All information can be automatically uploaded to the customer card in CRM, if the systems are integrated via API.

Assessment of the work of the consultant. After completing the dialogue, the site visitor will be able to evaluate the work of the consultant, and the resource owner, having analyzed the estimates, will draw conclusions and make appropriate decisions.

Switch chat. Thanks to this function, the consultant will be able to switch the chat to another specialist during the conversation. As a rule, such a function is needed by sites with complex topics or companies with a large team of managers, and each of them is responsible for certain tasks. If the question asked is beyond the competence of one specialist, he can switch the client to another consultant.

Storing customer information. This function is somewhat broader than storing the history of correspondence. The consultant will see all the necessary information about the client: full name, the number of orders, what questions he asked for, etc. This function will greatly help resources with a lot of active visitors, when the consultant needs to promptly respond to users. Information about the interlocutor will help reduce the time of correspondence. Such data can also be automatically updated and synchronized with information stored in CRM, if the systems are integrated via API.

Application for mobile devices. For such an addition, visitors to the resource will thank you with their loyalty, since a smartphone, unlike a PC or laptop, is always at hand.

File exchange. This function is indispensable for sites that work with documentation and other files, for example, provide legal advice. The user will be able to send the necessary file to the consultant for clarity. Thanks to this feature, there is no need to upload files to the cloud storage.

This is not a complete list of the available functionality on the paid version of the online consultant, but free options will help the site solve certain problems and problems of visitors much more efficiently and faster than exchanging letters.

The presence of an online consultant on your site will significantly increase the loyalty of visitors, buyers, customers to the brand. Statistics show that they are satisfied with the quality and speed of the consultants' response. And live communication on the site significantly increases the conversion!
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