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Integration chat bots

A chatbot is a program that acts as a virtual online consultant. The dialogues of modern bots are so wide that they can easily replace a technical support worker, a manager and, thus, significantly save the company's budget. The bot is able to conduct a dialogue with your clients on prepared messages. It can be integrated with the website via API, but it is much more efficient to use it for instant messengers and social networks.

The main advantage of a virtual online consultant is that it can work 24/7. Thanks to such a solution, customer loyalty to your company will increase significantly, since they will receive instant answers to their questions.

In addition to communicating with clients, the main task of the bot is to unload the work of the staff. He will perform routine tasks, perform technical support work, for example, answer questions from customers who cannot make a choice.

The work of a virtual consultant looks like an ordinary chat, as if the user is in correspondence with a manager, and not with a bot. But communication is built according to a previously prepared scenario (algorithm), so a person very quickly realizes that he is not engaged in a dialogue with a consultant, nevertheless, this does not prevent him from finding answers to the necessary questions.

Where can a chatbot be used?
Chatbots have proven themselves well on websites. In order to customize their work, you need to integrate the bot with the site system via API.

They are successfully used in social networks and messengers: Telegram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Viber. For it to start working, the user must add the bot to his contact list.

There are two types of bots: limited and self-learning. The former can answer a small number of questions, provided that they exactly coincide with those prescribed in its algorithm, otherwise the bot will not recognize the client's problem.

Self-learning bots are a rather complex tool, their work is based on a neural network that is capable of learning. This bot is able to capture the meaning of a conversation, like Alice's voice assistant.

Today, the perception of information and the method of obtaining it have changed quite dramatically. Potential buyers check their e-mail less often, study the information on the site a little, try to minimize calls with consultants of online stores.

Interests have shifted in favor of instant messengers and social networks. Users tend to get information in a few clicks, and not wait for the manager to call back or receive an answer to the mail. It is for instant replies that chat bots were created.

Why are chatbots useful for business?
They save the company's budget. A bot can be transferred to a number of routine tasks, for which you would have to hire an employee and pay him a salary. In addition, the human factor is excluded from him, he will not make mistakes due to fatigue, through carelessness, he will not forget to answer, he will not miss an appeal.

Are able to increase sales. Thanks to the chatbot, customers will receive instant answers to their questions. This will significantly increase their loyalty.

Chatbots automate routine processes as much as possible and free company employees from performing these tasks, who can be entrusted with more important tasks. Use the chatbot on your site by performing a simple API integration using ApiX-Drive.
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