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Integration quizzes

Quiz constructors are convenient services that allow you to create polls (questionnaires). Quizzes have long ceased to be some kind of novelty and have become a full-fledged classic tool in marketing. They help to attract customers and subscribers, segment the target audience.

Quiz on the site will help to increase conversion by stimulating the user to take certain actions. For example, if a potential buyer on a plumbing website cannot decide on the choice of a mixer, then a small survey will help to choose the most appropriate products for his requirements, so that the buyer chooses the most suitable one.

Another poll is a very simple and convenient way to get a client's contact information by offering him some kind of free utility in return. Visitors willingly agree to take a survey for a small lucrative bonus, especially if it exactly matches the interests of the user.

How to choose a quiz designer?
A good quiz designer allows you to analyze all sections, insert interactive content from the site into it, change questions, depending on the user's answer, has all kinds of fields, and also allows you to integrate a quiz via API with a popular CRM system. Without this functionality, it will be difficult to create an effective survey.

Today, popular quiz constructors are the services "Marquis", Envybox, "Requisites", etc. The functional quiz constructor not only increases the conversion of the site as a whole, but also simplifies, optimizes the work of the sales department, and increases its efficiency. Knowing the answers to the questions, the sales department will be able to prepare an attractive offer for the client even before the call.

The Quiz Designer allows you to analyze the target audience, depending on the answers, and adjust, in accordance with this, your marketing policy and business performance. It builds customer loyalty: take a quiz in a playful way, answering interesting questions easily and easily. The client becomes engaging.

How do I get started with the Quiz Builder?
Working with the quiz designer is very simple: using a convenient form, you need to create several questions for your target audience. You can choose and customize the design of the quiz for the site design. The finished survey is integrated via the API with the site, or it can be shared via a direct link. Then the client answers the question, but at the end, in order to get the result, he will need to leave contact information.

As a result, you get a potential client, find out his interests and needs, contact information, by which it is easy to contact and sell to him because he was interested in your offer. The answers of your target audience are always available in the personal account of the constructor.

An application with detailed answers can be duplicated by mail or messenger. And if you combine the work of the API quiz designer with a CRM system, then you can collect, upload information, contact information, user responses directly in the CRM.
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