Integration project management systems

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Integration project management systems

Teamwork on projects inevitably leads to the accumulation of a large amount of data: correspondence, files, comments. If the information is not systematized, chaos ensues very quickly. Project management systems allow you to flexibly and quickly make changes, customize, adapt tasks, control and track the effectiveness of collaboration.

New solutions from various developers appear on the market every day. They have different costs, configurations, resource capabilities, and traffic volume. Some are aimed at small teams, while others are suitable for corporations with an extensive network of branches.

Key features of project management systems
Sharing files through the cloud and the ability to track changes made online.
The ability to set tasks, assign responsible persons to them, monitor the implementation process and adherence to deadlines.
Convenient team communication in a group chat or team messenger within the system.
Security, data must be stored securely in order to prevent leakage or loss of valuable business information.

Top project management systems
- Trello. It is presented in the form of a browser and mobile version. The main feature is kanban boards, which contain lists and cards of projects. As the task progresses, the card moves through the columns until it reaches the ready status. Controlling collaboration is easy, even visually.

Trello is very popular all over the world, it is chosen by project managers for its simplicity, convenience and wide functionality. The system is suitable for businesses from various fields of activity. There is a free version that is not limited in the number of users and boards.

- Asana. Supports the same platforms as Trello. You can prioritize projects and tasks, assign responsible persons, assign tags, control the process and deadlines. The system allows you to divide complex projects into different parts and areas, there is a free tariff, but there is no Russian language. The work is carried out using tasks, boards and calendars.

- Jira. It also works online and from a mobile application. The work uses the Agile algorithm. It is also a board with cards, which is not surprising since the owners of the company are the same owners as Trello - Atlassian. Only Jira has not only kanban boards, but also scrum. Reports can be generated. Great for developers, there is a binding to the codes, so for other specializations some functionality may seem overkill. There is no free plan.

Jira can be connected to many third-party services, as well as to other project management systems: charts, Google Sheets, Calendar, Dropbox, more than 1500 systems in total. The most convenient way to do this is using the ApiX-Drive online connector. The service represents ready-made integrations that are easy to customize for your tasks in 5 minutes. Knowledge in development is not needed, any employee can handle it.
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