Individual development

or refinement of existing integration
ApiX-Drive service is a universal solution for connecting two or more systems. Ready integrations in our arsenal work with each other and the appearance of the service you need in this list will allow you to get access to data transfer to all existing and new solutions that will appear in the future.
Your system
What does the connection of a new service to ApiX-Drive give?
  • Access to 300+ ready-made connectors
  • New integrations added monthly
  • Expanding the capabilities of your service
  • Customer retention growth
  • Helping users to set up integration

Who needs it?

  • Service owners who want to provide their customers with the ability to freely exchange data with other systems.
  • For integrators , so as not to re-integrate between different services every time
  • Users who are limited by the possibilities of ready-made integrations of their service and want to set up connections with other systems
The cost of connecting a new system to ApiX-Drive

The following factors will affect the cost:

- data transfer method
- API or Webhook
- The complexity of the system and the time resources for its implementation by our developers
- functionality that needs to be done

Average cost of integration:

- SMS, E-mail Services - 1200$

- Chats, callbacks, call tracking, IP telephony - 1500$

- Advertising systems - 2500$

- CMS, Website / Landing page builders, Quiz - 2800$

- Online Store platforms - 3000$

- Marketplaces, CPA networks - 3500$

- SaaS services - 2500$

- CRM systems - 3000$

- Refinement of existing integration - from 600$

Creating а new integration takes 10-15 days.

Important! So that we can accurately answer the cost, timing and technical feasibility of integration, we need more information. Fill out the form below and our specialist will contact you shortly to clarify the details.

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