ApiX-Drive affiliate program

Hi friends.

My name is Igor Shamin, I am the founder of ApiX Drive Online Integration Designer.

The service is one of the advanced solutions for the integration of various services and applications with each other without the involvement of a programmer or developer.

If you are an advertising or digital agency, developing websites, integrating CRM systems for clients, working as a freelancer or just willing to cooperate, I am ready to offer you one of the options of a profitable partnership: you recommend our ApiX Drive service to your clients and receive monthly% from payment of attracted clients.

The terms of the affiliate program are simple and transparent:

Your income is 30% of all customer payments
Interest is paid throughout the life of the client
Access to the personal account where you can see all payments and payments under the affiliate program
Withdrawal of earnings within 3 working days
Free training and necessary materials for employees

Extensive functionality of the service at an affordable price, a high level of training and customer orientation of our specialists allow you to offer your customer the right choice, while receiving additional income for themselves.

average check
% Of actual payments
months from the moment of registration
profit from one paid customer
average number of customers,
involved by the partner for the year
(5 per month)
The average profit of a partner is $ 5,400 per year!

Don't miss the opportunity to receive additional passive income now! The demand for integration is growing every day, and now, they can be done in a few clicks using the online designer ApiX Drive. This will allow many companies to significantly automate their business processes. The customer will be satisfied and you will earn. Win-win principle!

A detailed description of the affiliate program can be found at: Affiliate program

Leave an application to join our affiliate program and the responsible manager will contact you soon

Good luck and luck, friends!

Igor Shamin