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How to Write an Effective GPT-3 / GPT-4 Prompt
Learn the best practices for crafting clear and concise prompts for OpenAI's advanced language models. Boost the quality and relevance of your generated content. Write an effective GPT-3/GPT-4 prompt now!
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Bill Gates: AI can "kill" Google Search and Amazon Bill Gates believes that artificial intelligence can radically change user behavior. AI-powered virtual assistants will save them from having to visit search sites and make purchases on the Amazon platform.
OpenAI Releases ChatGPT for iOS OpenAI, promoting ChatGPT, offered a novelty - a version of its chatbot in the form of an iOS application with which you can communicate by voice.
Highlights from Google's Annual I/O Conference The I/O keynote by Google has recently wrapped up, marking the disclosure of updates to its Pixel series and the showcasing of the latest advancements in AI technology.
Mozilla Buys Fakespot to Detect Fake Reviews Mozilla is buying startup Fakespot and plans to embed its tools into the Firefox browser so users can see which reviews are real and which are fake.
Spotify has Gained Over 500 Million Users, but Continues to Lose Premium Subscribers Streaming audio service Spotify has grown to half a billion active users. The achievement was overshadowed by the increase in the number of those who prefer to listen to content for free, albeit with advertising, and a decrease in the share of premium plan subscribers.
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