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A Guide to Image Extraction Using OCR Tools
In this guide, we have briefly explained how a standard OCR tool performs to extract text from an image. Additionally, we have also suggested multiple OCR tools for quick & efficient image extraction.
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Mass Layoffs Continue: Spotify Will Cut 6% of the Workforce Spotify Technology SA announced that it has decided to say goodbye to 6% of its employees, even though this will entail the need to pay approximately $50 million. Thus, she added to the list of companies that were forced to resort to massive layoffs.
Microsoft Makes ChatGPT More Accessible Microsoft has decided to expand access to the revolutionary ChatGPT chatbot created by the OpenAI research lab, as well as invest heavily in the developer company.
Microsoft's New AI has Learned to Imitate the Human Voice The new AI model from Microsoft can accurately copy not only the voice of a particular person, but also its emotional coloring, as well as the surrounding audio environment.
Telegram Received New Tools for Editing Media Files In the last days of 2022, the developers of the Telegram messenger released a set of updates. Users have access to new tools for processing pictures, photos, videos, as well as auto-delete the cache and a storage fullness diagram.
Is ChatGPT the Google "Killer"? Replacing search engines with smart chatbot ChatGPT is likely to lead to the collapse of Google. The company risks losing all of its advertising revenue, because it will be extremely difficult to embed it in the dialogue between the user and the bot.
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