We support Ukraine. ApiX-Drive is not involved in politics and does not take political positions. But we will always resist aggression. On February 24, the Russian president launched a direct full-scale war against Ukraine in order to destroy its army and overthrow its government. We urge you not to be silent! Oppose military action in every possible way!
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Data Scientist – One of the Most Important Jobs of the Future
The Data Scientist profession has gained increased popularity today, which we will also tell you about in our new article.
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Google Rolls out YouTube Shorts Ads to All Users After the experimental period, ads in app and video action campaigns will also include enhanced placement options in YouTube Shorts.
Google Introduces New Tools for Video Advertising With the options now available in Google Ad Manager, advertisers can simplify their work and improve the performance of their advertising campaigns.
WhatsApp Opens Cloud API Globally The cloud version of the WhatsApp Business API service will allow small and medium-sized businesses to actively promote their products and services through the messenger.
Zendesk Will Give Users More Control Over Chatbots Zendesk platform will allow users to customize chatbot interactions with customers using a low-code approach.
Zoom Buys Startup to Improve Customer Experience With the acquisition of Solvvy, an artificial intelligence technology company, the service plans to improve the efficiency of customer support.
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