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Connect Apps and Services to automate you work

Make integration through the web interface
Automate work business processes Quick&Easy
Save up to 50% of working time
No-Code platform
Without programmers and special knowledge
Ready integrations
Income growth in
our customers
~38 hours
save time

How it works

Easy way to combine different services and applications

No programming skills or special knowledge needed
Integration into ApiX-Drive
Set up connection between different systems in a few minutes: CRM, Messengers, Google Docs, Call Tracking, Callbacks, Online chats and much more.
Through user-friendly interface, assign actions according to the principle: if something has happened in one system, then you need to perform the corresponding action in another service

Who needs it?

Send lead data from the Facebook / Instagram ad account to Google Docs or CRM-system, duplicating the lead contacts to manager in Telegram
Forward requests and callbacks from the website to the CRM system, inform managers via Telegram about new leads
After receiving a call, record the following information: the call date, subscriber number, call duration and enter the data in Google Docs. At the end of the working day, send a report to the manager's mail
When the transaction status in the CRM system changes, update it in Google Docs and send a notification (customer's name, product, amount) to the mail if the transaction amount exceeds $3000
Check the account balance in the advertising systems Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo, etc. If the balance amount is for three days or less, send a notification to the accountant by email about the need for replenishment, and send a message to the manager on WhatsApp or Slack
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