Integration CMS systems

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Integration CMS systems

CMS-systems are content management and site administration systems. They allow you to fill your Internet project, customize its menu, pages, design. To do this, site owners use the admin panel, almost every CMS has it, but there are also self-written admin panels.

The CMS system is a part of the Internet site hidden from users, which is available only to its administrators. To restrict access to the administrative panel of the site, a username and password are used. If you need to control the actions of some admins, then they are given personal logins.

CMS systems have different focus, they are sharpened for specific tasks. So, for online stores "1C-Bitrix" is more often used, for information sites - Joomla !, Wordpress is better suited for blogs.

CMS systems are paid and free. The most famous among the free ones: Joomla !, Wordpress, MODX, Drupal, from the paid ones: "1C-Bitrix", NetCat, UMI, etc.

CMS Functionality
- Tape RS, search on the site, headings, comments, CNC tags;
- Text editor, if necessary, its functionality can be expanded;
- Ability to download images;
- Ability to create various menus with the required set of static pages, headings, records;
- Automatic update of templates;
- Modules and plugins to expand functionality;
- Customizable site design;
- Multilanguage.

Integration of CMS with other services and systems
Despite its wide functionality, it is very difficult to use a CMS without integration with other systems and services - the capabilities will not be enough. So, if a company receives sales from several sources at once: from a website, from social networks, etc. - you need to integrate a CMS site with CRM and advertising accounts of social networks. Thanks to this, you will be able to receive orders and work with clients in one interface. Integration of CMS with IP-telephony will allow you to conveniently call customers and automate SMS delivery.

To effectively build advertising campaigns, control the dynamics of sales, the system can be integrated with Google Analytics, Yandex.Direct. And in order to get an additional platform for sales, you can connect Yandex.Market.

Thanks to the integration of the CMS via API with various services, you can get a system with almost unlimited functionality. And the ApiX-Drive online connector will help to unite them. You, without any skills or special knowledge, will combine the work of the necessary systems with your CMS in just 5 minutes. Thanks to this, there is no need to contact third-party developers and wait for them to do everything.

ApiX-Drive has many additional useful options: your client base will be constantly updated and kept up to date. Automate and simplify the current processes in the company as much as possible to increase the conversion of sales.
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