Integration SMS-mailing

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Integration SMS-mailing

SMS-mailing services are platforms that allow you not only to promptly notify the customer base about the company's promotions, about changes in its work, but also send transactional messages about the status of the order, delivery, about the payment, etc.

The SMS-mailing service is a multifunctional assistant in the work of any, not only online, but also offline business. It is flexibly configurable, allows you to send messages both in automatic mode to all users, and individual personalized SMS to individual groups or respondents.

SMS distribution and sales
Today SMS service can become an effective sales tool. But sending letters needs to be automated, because sending letters manually is a waste of a lot of time and money. To do this, it is necessary to integrate such a service with a base of customers or subscribers, or rather with the system in which it is stored, for example, a CRM site.

SMS messaging services simplify the work of business, today almost everyone communicates in instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., but people also continue to read messages on their phones. Therefore, using SMS for business means getting another source of traffic and sales.

SMS-mailing provides for various filters, settings, allows you to choose a time zone, operator, etc. But the cost of services depends on the distribution channel, the number of sent SMS, the amount of text in messages.

You can choose a comfortable tariff plan individually for the tasks of your business and not overpay for unnecessary services: extra text, unnecessary volume of messages included in the package. Services try to build their interface in such a way that the work is simple and understandable for each user. Most often, the mailing list is managed from your personal account, which contains a detailed description of the services and the stages of creating a chain of letters.

Popular services
Today, such SMS-mailing services are popular as,, Also, such services are provided by popular mobile operators, such as MegaFon and Beeline, this is another confirmation that SMS messaging is necessary for business as another channel of communication with customers and a source of sales.

Companies that regularly send a small amount of SMS need to pay attention to such service parameters as sending speed, whether it is possible to send messages to all users in a row, or taking into account the time difference. Almost every SMS-mailing service provides the ability to send single messages, set the start time of sending, exclude from the list of subscribers that are not suitable, for example, by region, otherwise - without restrictions, at the discretion of the customer.

The system itself counts the number of characters and shows the cost of your mailing. An important factor and clarity of messages - you will see what messages your users will see.

Some services do not stop at the usual SMS and allow you to send messages to instant messengers, for example, make Viber mailings. Others provide the ability to add a sender's signature, create a widget, and collect information from the site.

In any case, it will be necessary to integrate SMS messaging with the system that stores the API subscriber base. Another effective service is Viber-cascade, it allows you to send bulk messages to Viber to those contacts who use it, and to the rest - ordinary SMS.

Other services have gone beyond messengers and are able to send messages to social networks - "VKontakte" or "Odnoklassniki", conveniently integrate with various management systems such as 1C and Bitrix via API.

Almost every platform provides a round-the-clock support service and a small amount of SMS, which you can try in a test mode for free. But the settings for sending test messages, most often, have limited settings and functionality.
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