Integration payment systems

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Integration payment systems

Payment system services and payment aggregators are specialized platforms that allow you to organize, on your website or other trading platform, accepting payments from buyers and customers using a variety of payment methods.

They will help you accept payments through different payment services for the same details. For example, your customers will be able to pay for purchases with bank cards, e-wallets, digital currency and accumulate all profits on the account of the payment system, and then conveniently withdraw them using the required details.

The advantage of connecting a payment system is that if you offer the maximum number of payment methods on your website, you take care of your customers and provide them with maximum convenience. A business that still accepts payment by card details is not very promising in the eyes of potential customers.

Today, a modern company is simply obliged to accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay, from the phone balance, in Internet banks, and the best service allows you to make purchases on credit. Therefore, the payment acceptance system is a tool for increasing customer loyalty to the brand and an opportunity to demonstrate the status of the company.

Demanded payment systems
Popular services for accepting payments include Yandex.Kassa, Unipay,, Robokassa, etc. Almost every service provides for the maximum number of payment methods available and charges approximately the same commission for its services, which may vary, in depending on how many payments will go through the system from your site.

For large online stores and wholesalers, as a rule, the conditions are the most attractive. But they also have a solution for information businessmen, individuals, startups and small trading platforms. You just have to choose the appropriate service and connect it to your website - to integrate the payment system via API.

Which payment system to connect to the site?
It is important to understand that the speed of transaction processing, reliability and timeliness of the receipt of funds will depend on the choice of the payment system. You shouldn't choose it solely by the size of the commission. It is very important that the service takes care of the maximum level of security of buyers' payment data, so that they do not end up in the hands of intruders.

A good service for accepting payments allows you to automate payments. It generates checks to the buyer, notifies him of the successful completion of the transaction, and if you integrate the payment system via API with the business CRM, then the information about the payment will immediately go to the system, according to which the order status will change and the documents will be sent to the delivery service - yours managers will get rid of the routine.

Almost every system is conveniently connected to the site through the API. You can quickly and easily set up payment acceptance. Such solutions are suitable for online stores, online services, and are in demand in the B2B and B2C sectors. Many systems willingly work with both individuals and legal entities, and are also open to cooperation with individual entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.
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