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Integration messengers

Messengers are special programs or applications that can be installed on mobile devices and PCs. Their main purpose is instant correspondence and exchange of photos, video files, voice messages. They can also be used to make audio or video calls.

The word "messenger" has an English origin - "messenger", which means "courier". Instant messaging occurs online. They are sent to the chat immediately after the user clicks the "Send" button. The recipient at this moment must be online, otherwise the message will wait until the application is launched and the user goes online.

If your phone uses mobile Internet, which is limited in traffic, it is advisable to do without video calls, since you can quickly exhaust the paid monthly limit.

What are the advantages of messengers?
Everyone knows that calls and SMS on mobile are paid, but you won't be able to refuse it and completely switch to instant messengers. The main reason is that messengers need the Internet, and free WI-FI or 4G is not yet everywhere, also, to register an account, you need to use a phone number.

Messengers are very helpful in business. With their help, you can negotiate with suppliers or business partners located anywhere in the world, organize conferences with your employees via audio or video communication, organize a group chat where colleagues can exchange documents, discuss projects, etc. work they are similar to systems for teamwork, only much easier and more convenient.

Messengers are irreplaceable in online commerce. Today, more and more people use them, so you can send transactional messages or notifications about new products and promotions automatically through quick chats. To do this, you need to integrate messengers with the CRM of the site using the API.

Functionality of messengers
Sending messages. Just like SMS from mobile operators.

The ability to diversify messages. You can supplement the text with emoticons, pictures, photographs. You can send a document, audio or video file as an e-mail, only instantly.

The ability to create groups. Users will be able to communicate all in one chat about work, general topic, etc.

Record voice messages. Most instant messengers are able to record voice messages, which are then sent as an audio file. Also, for those who do not like to type text messages on their own, most instant messengers have an option for voice typing.

Calls outside the messenger. Some messengers allow you to call mobile numbers or landlines, but this option is usually paid.

Messenger developers are constantly working to improve them and regularly add new functions, open APIs for integrations. Some applications boast having their own cloud server or the ability to hold an unlimited video conference.

Others have chats archiving function available so that the user can restore all chats. This feature can come in handy when changing the phone number.

The most popular instant messengers in the world
WhatsApp is an American application, there is both a mobile version and a PC. It appeared in 2009. The messenger is completely free.

Viber is the second most popular service in the world. The number of its users is more than 500 million. From this messenger, you can call mobile and landline numbers for a fee.

Skype - its main purpose is video, audio communication and forwarding voice messages. The main drawback of the application is that it is resource-intensive, therefore it is used mainly on a PC. It appeared back in 2003.

Telegram is the youngest messenger, due to the number of options provided, it is considered the best. It appeared in 2013, but has already been downloaded by over 600 million users. The main thing is the advantage of absolute security and confidentiality of correspondence.

Facebook Messenger - this service is integrated into the social network, appeared in 2011. To start using it, you need to register on Facebook.

Messengers, due to their ease of use, are gaining more and more popularity every day, thereby displacing such methods of communication as e-mail, cellular communication, SMS.
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