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Integration Email newsletters

Email newsletter services allow you to conveniently and flexibly configure sending letters to the subscriber base, target audience, and another group of recipients whom you want to notify about the upcoming event with one letter. With their help, you can lead the client through the sales funnel.

You can start working even with a “cold” target audience, and if it is already prepared, you can get high conversions by regularly sending automatic emails for “warm” and “hot” customers. If you download a subscription base from your site - in order for it to be automatically unloaded and updated with the mailing service, it is enough to integrate it with CRM via API.

Email marketing allows you to increase the number of calls and increase business sales. The services provide convenient tools for flexible customization of letters at your discretion, they have many templates that can be conveniently customized to suit the individual needs of your business.

Email marketing services provide flexible and detailed analytics on the results of sending emails: you can see who read emails, who deferred reading, and who sent them to the spam folder, or marked them with a checkbox.

What are the benefits of email marketing services?
Nowadays, email marketing brings a much higher return to the business than the investment in it. It has a high return on investment (ROI). The metric demonstrates how much profit the business gets from the funds invested in the advertising channel.

There are free email marketing services. But, as a rule, their functionality is limited. However, they are often enough to set up your first newsletter and test the possibilities.
v After the database is assembled, templates and banners for letters are configured, you can pay for a suitable tariff in the selected service. The most popular ones today are GetResponse, Unisender, Mindbox, etc.

You can get started with a marketing channel like email marketing without a budget or with a small investment. As the number of subscribers grows, it is already worth considering investing. Most of the services have templates available that allow you to do email layout without CSS and HTML coding skills, and design attractive sign-up forms.

The newsletter is easily personalized, this allows you to get more profit. You can remind the user of the forgotten items in the basket, send a gift on a holiday, develop recommendations based on what items he viewed or bought.

To create a personalized mailing list, you need to segment your target audience. Almost every paid subscription email service allows you to send individual letters for each group of target subscribers separately, the criteria can be completely different: city, interests, profession, gender, etc.

Email marketing systems can connect all sales channels. Your potential buyer will definitely use email to register in any services: in social networks, in instant messengers, on Yandex and Google sites. A base will always be available to you, thanks to which you can easily increase sales and promote goods or your product. You will be able to show ads on social networks to inactive subscribers, make them alternative offers.

A key benefit of email marketing services is that email marketing automates sales. It allows you to create automated funnels - a step-by-step scenario that you will walk a visitor through and convert them into a customer.

Thanks to this, you can set up the mailing list once and do not constantly spend time preparing and sending letters, you do not need the services of qualified advertising specialists, you do not need to hire a person who will be responsible for the mailing list. You will pay attention to this issue once, and emails will always guide your visitor through the sales funnel. Including, it allows you to stop depending on advertising systems.
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