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Integration Google services

Google services are firmly established in the lives of Internet users. His name has become a household name synonym for web search: almost everyone in the whole world "google". It's hard to imagine access to the World Wide Web without the Chrome browser, and Android and Google Play are the basis for almost 80% of mobile gadgets.

Every Android smartphone has a built-in calendar, music and movies from Google, in order to download applications you need to register an account that provides access to all Google services at once, the use of Google services is based on Gmail. These services are designed for a wide audience, but Google has many specialized ones.

Popular Google services
Google Drive is a cloud service from Google. You can store any information, files, documents, video and audio content. There is a free version with a limited amount of disk space. Accessible from wherever there is internet. You can share and collaborate on files.

Google Docs is a service for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. In demand in many web professions and not only: editors, journalists, marketers, in offices for collaborating on files. It eliminates the need to send files by mail or messengers and contains the functionality of Microsoft Office.

Google Analytics - designed for the analytics of web projects and advertising companies. An essential tool for SEO professionals, web studios and marketers who are promoting projects on the Internet.

Google AdWords is a service for creating and managing advertising campaigns in Google. Allows you to attract leads, effectively manage your budget and customize advertising to meet the individual needs of your business.

Google Adsense is a system for monetizing your website. The service allows you to make money on your projects and publish contextual advertising ads.

Integration of Google services via API

Google services can be integrated with many systems using API, an open interface for developers. Most websites need Google Analytics in order to measure the effectiveness of search engine promotion and advertising campaigns.

Often companies maintain databases in Google Sheets, from which they often have to load and unload information into CRM. It also happens that a business conducts teamwork with freelancers in Google Docs, and over time it becomes necessary to export information from them to a project management system.

To link the work of various Google services with other systems, you need to integrate them via API. Most often, programmers or search engine promotion specialists work with specialized Google applications, and they have no problems with integrations. But it also happens differently, when there are no developers on the staff or there is no time and additional budget for their services.

An effective solution in such a situation is to use the ApiX-Drive online connector for services and applications. These are ready-made integrations that will remain customizable in 5 minutes. There is nothing difficult in this, any employee can handle it, programmers are not needed.
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