Integration IP telephony

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Integration IP telephony

IP telephony is a telephone connection over the Internet, it is also often called SIP telephony or virtual PBX.

IP telephony services provide services through which you can receive and make calls around the world. This is very convenient if the company opens a new branch or moves to another city. All numbers and settings are saved, and employees are conveniently combined into a common network. It is possible to integrate the customer base with virtual telephony via API and it is convenient to view customer cards and information about previous communication.

Benefits of a virtual PBX
The functionality of IP telephony is much wider than that of conventional communication, but the basic functionality is traditional: dialing, dialing, two-way voice communication, conferences, call forwarding, etc. The use of virtual telephony in business is an indicator of the prestige of a company that goes to keeping up with the times.

IP telephony allows you to organize a call center if your company regularly receives a large number of calls. If you work using virtual telephony, then all incoming calls will always be free for you, even at the starting tariffs.

Calls within the company from one virtual number to another are also free. Outgoing calls are charged per minute. IP telephony systems are actively working on the stability and security of the quality of their services. For example, if an Internet provider fails, then the virtual PBX automatically becomes unavailable, but so that your business does not miss calls and does not lose customers, it will send a call along an alternate path, for example, to the employee's personal number.

Using IP telephony, you can receive calls from any device that is connected to the Internet: tablet, laptop, computer, phone, smartphone or application. The use of a virtual ATC is guaranteed to lead to a decrease in business expenses for telephone communications, especially if you constantly receive a lot of calls or you have a call center. Companies with an extensive network of branches will also have a tangible financial benefit.

Using IP telephony, you buy virtual numbers. Here, some companies resort to marketing tricks and buy a number with the Moscow code, even if they are not in the capital.

A virtual PBX allows you to transfer the company's business processes related to calls to the cloud. You will be able to pay for outgoing communications at the most favorable rates for you. If you have few calls, then it makes no sense to overpay for unnecessary services.

Popular IP telephony services
Today such IP telephony services as Yandex.Telephony and are popular. Also, such services are provided by popular mobile operators: MTS, Beeline, Rostelecom.

Thanks to virtual telephony, you can make calls without regard to the location of the company. This allows you to optimize the work of the call center or support service and gather all employees into a single network.

You do not need to spend money on organizing regular telephone communications for your company, laying lines, renting or buying equipment - with virtual telephony everything is ready to use today. It is very simple and quick to customize the system to fit your needs; it is enough to integrate it with your services and systems via API.
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