How to Monetize a Telegram Channel

Yuliia Zablotska
Author at ApiX-Drive
Reading time: ~9 min

Telegram messenger today is used not only for communication, but also as an advertising platform. Bloggers are actively using proven methods of promotion and earnings here, and the campaigns they launch demonstrate a consistently high level of coverage compared to other social networks. From our article, you will learn which methods of monetizing a Telegram channel are considered the most effective and which one will suit you best.

Where to begin
2. Methods of monetization
3. Advertising
4. Sale of goods, information products and services
5. Partnership programs
6. Paid content subscription
7. Sale of bots and channels
8. Donations
9. How to choose the right monetization method


Where to begin

Before you start looking for the best way to monetize Telegram, you need to determine why you need it at all. There are only two main needs:

  1. Earnings on the channel itself (a group in the messenger is created and filled with content purposefully – to generate income).
  2. Promotion of a product on an existing channel, which is used as an additional platform for advertising and sales.

Have you just registered with Telegram and want to start earning on the same day? If you are convinced that this is real, do not believe it. In this case, you will have to start with the promotion of your own channel. If you need to get subscribers quickly, you will not do without investments.

Monetization Telegram-channel | Telegram app

The second step is choosing the best way to monetize your account. To determine it, answer the following questions:

  • What investments in the promotion of your channel are you ready to make at the start?
  • Do you already have a ready-made group in the messenger with an audience? If yes, what is its size?
  • How much time can you devote to content creation and channel development?
  • What level of income do you expect?

So, you already have a certain strategy emerging. Fix it and start choosing the most suitable way to make money in Telegram.

Methods of monetization

Today you can monetize a Telegram channel in 6 proven ways:

  1. Advertising.
  2. Sale of goods, information products and services.
  3. Partnership programs.
  4. Paid content subscription.
  5. Sale of bots and channels.
  6. Donations.

Each of them has its own nuances, advantages and disadvantages, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail.


This method of monetization in Telegram is considered the simplest and most effective. It is best suited for those who are ready to place promotional materials on their channel, ignoring the indignation of subscribers. If you do not yet have a large audience, financial investments will be required: it would hardly occur to anyone to pay for advertising on a channel with only a couple of dozen of subscribers. Therefore, you first need to promote your profile or group and advertise on other channels.

Do not want to “clog” your personal account with ads? In this case, there is an alternative – open a new channel specifically for publishing advertising posts. This can be, for example, a group with vacancies for those who want to find a job and find workers, a channel with ads for renting or selling real estate, an account with proposals for repairs. Since they will be freshly created, they will first need to be spun up. Before they start generating income, you will have to spend money on promoting them.

Do you already have a ready-made channel with a large number of subscribers and a desire to earn money, but you don't know where to start? First, find services for collecting statistics in Telegram and register for them. Then formulate an offer to place ads on your channel and publish it on the relevant Internet sites. Be sure to think over and write in detail the rules for placing advertising posts or ads, and also make a price list. Now you can start offering advertisement to administrators of other groups.

There is another way to attract advertisers to your Telegram channel. Add your Telegram channel to the catalogs of special services, and it becomes easier to make money on Telegram.

Sale of goods, information products and services

This method of monetization in Telegram is suitable for those who have something to offer the buyer – a service, informational or physical product. A prerequisite: the presence of even a small, but loyal audience. It could be something like pet portraits on canvas or custom-made designs.

If you have truly expert-level knowledge in a field, package it up in an attractive information product. Do you conduct training courses or webinars? Try to sell your intellectual product through the Telegram channel, using it as a platform for promotion.

Telegram channel monetization | Sale of information products

In Telegram, you can no less successfully engage in the sale of physical goods. True, this will require more serious preparation from you. Just placing promotional posts or ads on your channel is not enough. For such monetization to bring the expected result, your subscribers must be as loyal as possible. In addition, before offering a product, it is imperative to stir up interest in it, because the desire to make a purchase does not appear out of nowhere.

To maintain the current level of sales and increase it, you will need to constantly increase the audience by attracting new subscribers. Advertising will help you do this. But to keep their attention and maintain interest, thematic content is useful. For example, if you sell sweaters, you can post posts on the channel for which subscribers will stay here – life hacks on how to care for knitted items, how to wear them and what to combine them with. Use this recommendation if you sew, knit, cook gourmet dishes, make decor items.

Partnership programs

The essence of the referral program is to directly attract a client to purchase a product or service. Marketers know that on the recommendation of a familiar or reputable blogger, a client will come to a company or a brand faster than seeing an advertising video on TV, on a billboard in the city, or on a website on the Internet. Those who follow an affiliate link are usually given a discount, and the one who posted this link on their channel is paid a reward. An example is Telegram channels dedicated to discounts on airline tickets. The owner of such a channel receives a certain percentage for each ticket ordered, and its visitor receives savings.

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You can take these links on the services of partner networks:

  • CJ (formerly Commission Junction);
  • ClickBank;
  • ShareASale.

After a simple registration, you will be able to choose partners that match the subject of the channel. Alternatively, go to the websites of companies whose products your subscribers might like (for example, AliExpress, iHerb), and find the section with the referral program there.

This method of monetization in Telegram is suitable for those who are ready to promote other people's services, goods or information products without any guarantees of receiving payment for their work. Please note that the mere fact of placing an advertising post containing an affiliate link on your channel does not mean at all that you will be paid for it. Firstly, the written text may not be very successful and not selling. Secondly, your audience may simply not perceive the product due to a banal lack of interest in it.

The main advantage of this way of earning is the lack of requirements for the number of subscribers. If you have created a channel recently and have not yet managed to acquire a wide audience, this is the best option.

Paid content subscription

The presence of exclusive unique content opens up another opportunity for its owner to make money on a Telegram channel - a paid subscription. The topic of the content is not of decisive importance: you can sell a training course, valuable information from your experience, specific skills, author's collections of funny videos or network memes, and much more.

Monetization consists of 2 stages:

  1. Creating a private channel (group).
  2. Adding subscribers to the channel who have paid for access (as a rule, a monthly tariff or a one-time payment is set).

You can invite people to a private channel through advertising posts on other sites, a personal website, pages on social networks. It is undesirable to place ads within such a group. Subscribers may react negatively to it, because they paid for access to exclusive content, and not to advertise someone's services or products.

This method of monetization in Telegram is suitable for those who clearly understand how to package their professional or life experience in a quality and attractive way, and know how to do it. It can also be adopted by those who are ready to constantly create unique content, for access to which people are willing to pay.

Sale of bots and channels

The scheme of this way of earning looks extremely simple and consists of 3 stages:

  1. Creating a Telegram channel and filling it with content.
  2. Promotion using all available methods – both free and those that require financial investments.
  3. Sale to those who express a desire to purchase the channel and administer it in the future.

An important point: the amount you receive for the channel should fully compensate for your expenses for its creation, filling and promotion. As you gain experience, you will be able to promote each next channel faster, spend less money on it and, accordingly, get more out of it.

Telegram channel monetization | Profit from the sale of Telegram channels

The same scheme is also suitable for creating Telegram bots for sale. Step by step it looks like this:

  1. Come up with a unique bot that can do something completely new;
  2. Write it yourself or order from a programmer;
  3. Promote and get the first users;
  4. Sell.

Making bots is easy. If you master this process, you can significantly reduce the cost of creating them, and, on the contrary, increase income.


This is the most unpredictable and unstable way to monetize a Telegram channel. If you decide to use it, remember that you can not count on a certain amount and regularity of income. The key to success is the presence of super-loyal subscribers who consider you an authority and are willing to support you financially. To collect donations, you can connect a special bot, open a bank account or create a Patreon account.

This method of monetization in Telegram is suitable for creative individuals - for example, artists or photographers who post the process of creating their work on their personal channel. In addition, it can be useful to the owners of an already promoted channel with author's content, where subscribers regularly go to read new posts and chat.

How to choose the right monetization method

It is impossible and wrong to single out any one way to make money on a Telegram channel as the best. Depending on the purpose of monetization, starting data, readiness for financial investments, each user will have his own. In general, you can navigate according to the following criteria:

  • If you want to get real money quickly, pay attention to a paid subscription and the sale of products or services.
  • If you need a stable and regular income, while you are not afraid of investments and expectation of payback, your options are advertising or creating channels and bots for sale.
  • If you're bursting with content ideas and are willing to post multiple posts a day on your channel, try ads, paid subscriptions, and affiliate programs.
  • If the amount of income does not bother you and you will have enough cash rewards from subscribers, choose donations.

It is up to you to decide how to monetize a channel in Telegram. When choosing the best option, be sure to take into account the specifics of your audience, as well as your own capabilities - especially the availability of free time and finances.


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