Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Marketing

Serhii Ostrovskyi
Editor in Chief at ApiX-Drive
Reading time: ~6 min

There is no exact and universal definition of intelligence. But in general, this is the ability to learn, systematize knowledge and apply it to solve complex problems. For a long time, these characteristics were the prerogative of man. However, the development of computer technology has changed the balance of power on the intellectual board.

1. Artificial intelligence - what is it
2. AI is a marketing assistant
3. Need personalization - artificial intelligence can handle it
4. Communication with AI - informative and simple
5. Painless Marketing Automation


The term "artificial intelligence" was first defined in the middle of the last century. In the same period, the first neural network was created. However, the technological level did not allow to implement the ideas of scientists, so AI had to wait for a jump in the development of the IT sector in the 21st century.

At present, a computer program is able to perform a fairly large part of the operations for processing, analyzing and applying data. And she does it no worse, and often better than a person.

Artificial intelligence - what is it

Artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) - a computer system that is able to imitate human intellectual activity. In simple words, AI (AI) can learn, manipulate acquired knowledge and solve various problems. There are two types of artificial intelligence:

  • Weak AI;
  • Strong AI.

Weak AI (Narrow AI) is a program/machine/system that solves one highly specialized task. Probably, one of the first acquaintances of a wide circle of the public with such technology took place during the popularity of chess battles between famous grandmasters and computers.

Weak artificial intelligence has long been an integral part of our world

Weak artificial intelligence has long been an integral part of our world. Here are just a few of its implementations:

  • face and speech recognition;
  • weather forecasting;
  • data analysis for business;
  • formation of personal offers;
  • autopilot vehicles;
  • AI generated images;
  •  3D models;
  • musical fragments.

In fact, any intellectual problem can be programmed and solved with the help of weak AI.

Strong AI (General AI) is a computer entity that, in theory, will have all the signs of a thinking person. So far, there is neither a clear definition for this technology, nor an exhaustive description. However, scientists agree that strong AI should be characterized by the following qualities:

  • Learnability;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • The presence of willpower;
  • Definition of reality;
  • Ability to make a decision;
  • The ability to respond to the environment;
  • Self-awareness.

In other words, strong AI is almost entirely comparable to the human mind. He can develop, “feel”, react, plan, use his knowledge base. Artificial intelligence with such a set of qualities seems fantastic. However, relatively recently, the possibilities that are now being demonstrated everywhere by weak AI were in the same status.

It is worth noting that there is also the term “super-AI”. As you might guess, superiority over man in all manifestations of mental activity is attributed to this technology.

AI - assistant for marketing

Artificial intelligence can analyze data, make predictions, generate content. All of these activities are very useful for promoting a product or service. If earlier the possibilities of AI were used only by large players in the market (due to the high cost of the technology and the complexity of its implementation), now there are a large number of ready-made solutions for tasks of any scale. The cost of artificial intelligence “services” has ceased to be exorbitant, and now AI-based products are available to medium and small businesses.

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Weak AI can solve many highly specialized tasks, including marketing tasks:

  • target audience research;
  • analysis of expenses for advertising campaigns and their planning;
  • ensuring communication with clients;
  • creation of personalized offers;
  • content generation and distribution.

Artificial intelligence can improve the effectiveness of marketing and simplify almost every stage of product promotion. At the same time, AI is already able to do most of the work (for example, analytics) better and faster than a person.

Personalization is needed - artificial intelligence can handle it

Currently, without personalized offers and “targeted” promotion, it is difficult to count on stable sales and customer loyalty. Much of the “headache” of a marketer lies in “guessing” the needs of the target audience. Personalization of advertising, loyalty programs, content, product offer - all this increases the likelihood of customer involvement in the sales funnel.

In a simplified version, the personalization process consists of the following steps:

  • Studying the demand and interests of potential buyers;
  • Collection of information about the client;
  • Data analysis and forecasting;
  • Generation of a personalized offer/content.

Individual promotion is based on collecting information about the user, analyzing their behavior and interests. AI can track the actions of visitors on the site, form a client portrait, and segment the client base. As a result, artificial intelligence receives data on the basis of which it can make an individual offer.

Artificial intelligence can improve the effectiveness of marketing

Personalization of advertising and content is everywhere with us. Lists of recommended videos on YouTube, selections of tracks on music services, individual offers and discounts - all this is designed to save a precious resource of time. Computer systems analyze our preferences and requests, selecting the most appropriate content and product. Artificial intelligence takes care of filtering the flow of advertising or entertainment information. For those who want to paint this process in negative tones, it can be exaggerated to say that the robot controls our preferences and chooses for us what to watch and listen to, what goods to buy.

Communication with AI - informative and simple

One of the tasks of marketing is to establish effective and preferably regular communication with the client. To interest a potential buyer, it is necessary to present a product/service and provide advice. Then the client needs to be led through the entire sales funnel with reminders and notifications at important stages. But the interaction with the customer does not end there. It is important to constantly remind the client about the brand/company/product in order to increase his loyalty and build long-term relationships.

A sales manager can actively participate in communication with customers, but most of the informative touches can be taken over by AI, as a chat bot or a robotic telephone consultant.

A chatbot in a messenger or on a website is a personal assistant for each client. There are many services that help create a robotic assistant that can convey all important information to the end user. A trained chatbot will answer questions, help in choosing a product, provide advice, introduce promotional offers, etc. And all this in a simple and clear dialogue format. And, importantly, without the involvement of a human resource from the company.

Painless Marketing Automation

Promotion of a product, brand or service is a difficult multi-component task, an impressive part of which can be automated thanks to artificial intelligence. The trend towards the use of AI in marketing will only intensify. Artificial intelligence is able to take over most of the operations associated with the promotion of a product or service. Thus, the business gets the opportunity to create an almost autonomous system that will perform the functions of the marketing department.

Given the pace of development of AI technology, soon “non-human” intelligence will be able to successfully replace a person in processes that require creativity and critical thinking. It is quite possible that in the near future many companies will outsource marketing to trained computer systems.


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