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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a general term for a variety of measures taken to increase the position of a site on the pages of search engine results.

Since few users look beyond the second page of results, it is important that the position of the site in the search results is as high as possible (as it is often said, it is in the TOP of search engine results). This allows you to increase traffic for certain search queries. For example, an online store that sells large household appliances is interested in being in the top positions for the query “buy a dishwasher”.

Search engine optimization involves a whole range of measures, some of which should be carried out regularly. So, the site must be constantly updated with unique texts, and its pages must be linked to each other and have the correct titles. The full list of optimization measures is quite extensive, and besides, it is periodically amended, since search engines sometimes change the principles of ranking results. In other words, SEO, to one degree or another, needs to be done regularly. And it is better if it is entrusted to professionals.

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It should be noted that search engine optimization is not the only option. To increase traffic and monetize the site, additional advertising will most often also be required. Especially in cases where the resource is not able to offer something truly unique. For example, the same online store with large home appliances has to compete with dozens of others who are also striving to reach the top positions in the search results. Only unique texts are not enough here. But an information resource that specializes in a specific topic may well count on top results without additional advertising.

To date, there are enough services whose purpose is to analyze the correctness of the implementation of SEO measures.


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