Landing Page

Andrew Andreev
Author at ApiX-Drive
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Landing Page is a one-page or multi-page website designed to encourage its visitors to take some action.

It is the presence of one goal that distinguishes LP from "multi-purpose" sites that advertise the company or brand as a whole. The landing page is most often designed to promote a specific product: a product, service, subscription to an information course, registration for an event, etc.

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There are three main types of Landing Page:

  • Advertising. These are the most massive and widespread LPs that offer the visitor a set of "selling" content, urging him to take a certain targeted action.
  • Lead pages. This type of LP is designed to collect contact details and other personal information of visitors. As a rule, they contain less "selling" content than advertising pages, but they always contain a call to leave your data and a form for collecting it.
  • Viral. Such pages do not contain direct advertising or calls to action, instead they contain original (often interactive) content that can interest the audience. The purpose of viral LPs is to get visitors to actively “share” this page and thereby increase the number of users interested in it. In the future, targeted advertising of a new product or brand will be directed to this “prepared soil”.

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