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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system for customer relationship management.

Such systems are used in Internet marketing to automate the routine business processes of an online store, reduce the number of employees, increase its performance indicators: increase conversion, increase the number of sales, site profit.

CRM is an effective marketing tool, it allows you to create customer cards that will store detailed information about the history of interaction with the client:

  • the number of orders;
  • delivery method;
  • phone number;
  • full name;
  • which manager served him last time;
  • any other data important for further work with the user.

Data from customer databases is conveniently loaded into the CRM system: email addresses, phone numbers, orders from social networks, mail, instant messengers and other sources. Also, if necessary, you can upload information in the desired form.

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So, CRM systems can be integrated with delivery services to automate the sending of information for the postal service, as well as obtaining all the necessary documentation from it.

Many CRM systems have a built-in sales funnel that allows you to lead the client from stage to stage of the deal: from getting to know him, attracting him through an advertisement, from social networks, from the landing page to closing the deal.

CRM-system significantly simplifies and automates the work of an online store, reduces the amount of manual labor and time for processing orders. As a result, the store no longer misses orders, it is able to process them much faster and be more in time.


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