The Art of Evergreen Content: Fueling Long-term Success in Digital Marketing

Andrew Andreev
Author at ApiX-Drive
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If you work in the field of internet marketing or are interested in this area, then you must have heard about the term "evergreen content". This type of material is becoming increasingly popular in an era of constant growth in the standards of text information quality. Both users and search algorithms are no longer interested in monotonous, useless, and quickly outdated SEO texts. Instead, they want to see truly timeless content that will remain fresh and in demand at least a few years after publication.

1. What is Evergreen Content
2. Characteristics of Evergreen Content
3. Advantages of Evergreen Content
4. Tips for Creating Evergreen Content
5. Examples of Evergreen Content
6. Conclusion

Considering the relevance of this topic, we decided to dedicate our next article to it. From it, you will learn about evergreen content definition, what its features and benefits are. Here you will also be able to familiarize yourself with a selection of working ideas and strategies for creating such content.

What is Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is considered any text content that remains relevant, interesting, and useful for a long period of time. It received such a name by analogy with evergreen trees, symbolizing eternal life. Although most articles and posts do not disappear from the internet, not all of them belong to long-lasting content. If you analyze different types and formats of text web materials, you will see that many of them lose relevance not just in the first months, but even in the first weeks or days after posting.

Quickly outdated content is most often found in such categories:

  • News posts and articles about recent events.
  • Publications dedicated to a specific date, season, or year.
  • Statistical reports and materials with many numbers.
  • Articles on the topic of current trends in various fields (pop culture, sports, politics, IT, and so on).
  • Texts about trendy novelties.

Unlike the materials of the listed types, evergreen content literally has no expiration date and will be 100% relevant both a month and a year after its publication date.

Characteristics of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content | Characteristics of Evergreen Content

The main criteria for evergreen content are:

  • Relevant. The main sign of durable content is its ability to maintain relevance, not becoming outdated for a long time.
  • Unique and original. It contains fresh exclusive information, not repeating previously published texts. Rewriting texts to SEO promotion of a website can hardly be called evergreen content.
  • Useful. Another important criterion for such materials is their usefulness to readers. Truly quality content is not only relevant and original but also useful for the target audience. The presence of such information makes posts and articles in demand for a long time.
  • Optimized. The key to the enduring popularity of perennial content is its competently carried out SEO. Selection and arrangement of the necessary volume of keywords and LSI phrases unequivocally benefit evergreen materials. Thanks to this, the maximum number of interested users will find and read them on the pages of search engines.
  • Detailed. This property is directly related to its other characteristics: usefulness, relevance, uniqueness. Quality text materials are most often dedicated to a specific narrow topic and disclose it as much as possible. Surface digests quickly become uninteresting to the audience, while detailed reviews and guides continue to attract readers' attention for a long time.

Advantages of Evergreen Content

Considering what is evergreen content, it is worth mentioning the advantages of such materials. These include:

  • Audience loyalty. By posting evergreen content on your websites and social networks, you stimulate user loyalty. The audience's trust will positively impact the number of applications and sales of your products.
  • Traffic growth. Professionally written and optimized texts occupy high positions in search results and will bring you organic traffic for many years.
  • Lead generation. Another important advantage of evergreen content is its ability to positively influence lead generation. Original, interesting, and useful texts attract quite a few relevant visitors. Many of them will likely want to become your clients.
  • Optimization. With quality materials, you will be able to effectively optimize evergreen content marketing. Instead of constantly increasing the expenditure of time, money, and other resources on regular preparation of new content for different web platforms, it's better to fill them with timeless texts. They will work for a long time without updating or rewriting, providing savings and benefit.
  • Increase in the number of backlinks. Another plus of evergreen content is its ability to increase the number of backlinks. Such texts remain relevant for a long time, during which they generate backlinks from external resources. This improves the site's perception by search engines and brings more relevant traffic.

Tips for Creating Evergreen Content

Here are some recommendations for preparing evergreen content for your resources. By following them, you can create genuinely high-quality materials.

Prepare a content plan. First, you need to understand what you will be writing about. It's recommended to think in advance about a list of original and relevant topics, relevant to your business and potentially useful to your audience.

Identify a problem. Truly useful and effective articles often describe a specific problem that is relevant to one or another audience. By providing a working solution or several different versions of it, you increase the level of trust from your target audience and ensure long-term popularity for your content. You can learn about the problems relevant to your audience through social media surveys, email newsletters with feedback forms, or through third-party services (Quora, Reddit).

Choose a narrow topic. When creating content that endures, try not to cover too broad a topic in an attempt to increase the volume of the article and place as many keywords as possible. Usually, content that is "about everything and nothing" is not very interesting to readers, and the broader the topic, the more information about it is already on the internet. It's better to choose specialized topics, elaborating on them as detailed and high-quality as possible.

Write in simple language. Even if you understand the chosen topic well and want to demonstrate your expertise, remember that not all your readers have the same skills. Moreover, the main audience of almost any web content is ordinary people, not experts. An article written in complex language with many special terms will be incomprehensible to them and, consequently, uninteresting.

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Don't forget about interlinking. Adding cross-references helps make evergreen content more effective with minimum effort. For example, if you want to cover a broad topic, you can divide it into smaller topics and create a series of articles about it. During the writing process, perform interlinking between the articles: this will help users quickly find and read everything that pertains to one topic, and will also improve the position of your site in search engine results.

Look for new formats. After creating the first selection of quality texts and evaluating their results, consider a more scalable evergreen content strategy. A very successful option is to reformat content. For example, transforming a large blog article into a series of concise and laconic social media posts.

Pay attention to keywords. Correctly selected keywords and LSI words are one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of evergreen content. Therefore, we recommend that you approach their selection responsibly. It's best to use special services for this – for example, Google Trends or Moz. With their help, you will find the phrases most frequently used by users. They also allow you to determine which keywords remain in demand over a long period of time and are optimal for evergreen content.

Examples of Evergreen Content

On the internet, you can see various formats of evergreen content. Each of them has its specifics and features. A large choice of formats significantly diversifies the textual content of websites, blogs, and social networks. Let's consider a few of the most common evergreen content examples.

Practical guides

A practical guide is one of the most widespread and in-demand types of sustainable content, accessible to both experts and enthusiasts. Find a relevant topic you are well-versed in, describe your unique experience, and supplement the article with original information on the topic.

A particularly valuable type of how-to content is step-by-step guides that help accomplish a specific task or solve a problem in several stages, with a detailed description of each of them. It is advisable to complement such texts with photos or images that will accompany and visually illustrate the information contained therein. See examples of such materials in our "How-to" section.

Evergreen content | Practical guides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Articles written in the format of a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them are another in-demand example of evergreen content ideas. An important advantage of such materials is their universality and ease of creation. You can compile a list of popular questions on any topic, and preparing comprehensive and informative answers to them will make such texts very useful for the audience.

Cases and reviews

Cases and reviews of products or services are one of the widely common examples of evergreen content. This format opens a broad space for creativity and allows for a multitude of relevant topics for articles and posts. For example, you can describe cases of implementing your product in different industries or for different types of customers.

Another popular direction is comparative reviews of the TOP-10 kind. In them, you can cover solely your brand's products, or compare them with the products of competitors.

Materials with statistics

This type of material is considered to be content with lasting value only partly, as any statistical data eventually becomes outdated. On the other hand, it can be extremely in-demand for a certain period of time: from a few months to several years. During this time, it will bring you a significant amount of traffic and potential leads. Moreover, information backed up with figures elicits more trust from readers, so by using content with statistics, you will be able to enhance your expertise and strengthen audience loyalty.

Lists of useful tools

A popular type of content that stands the test of time is lists of tools/functions/services that might be useful to your audience. They don't necessarily have to relate to your company's products. Essentially, it can be anything. Tell your readers about various gadgets and features that could be useful to them in their professional activities or daily life. It will also be helpful to organize them according to certain criteria: purpose, target audience, price segment, or other characteristics.


Last in our list, but not least in significance among the examples of ageless content, is infographics. This is a very flexible, concise, and clear format of web content that allows presenting various facts, examples, statistics, or brief guides visually and effectively. Infographics are visually appealing and help readers perceive information more easily and quickly. With it, you will be able to convey any data to your audience more lucidly than through lengthy articles.


Answering the question of what does evergreen content mean, it should be noted that it refers to any types and formats of textual content that maintain relevance over a long period of time. Today, many authors and marketers pay heightened attention to creating such materials, as they can continuously engage the audience, generate traffic and leads.

Undated content has a multitude of advantages that favorably distinguish it from rapidly aging content. For instance, it does not require frequent updates and, thus, allows not to spend resources on constantly writing new articles and posts. The main formats of evergreen content include how-to guides, FAQ answers, case studies and reviews, statistical materials, lists of useful tools, and infographics.


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