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We already have a connector api with service Enquiz! You can connect to our system without wasting time on writing code.
5 minutes after registration, you can start using the available functions without involving programmers. Operation principles see below!
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How it works

Our developers have already figured out how the API for the system Enquiz works and created a new connector. On the same principle, we have created connectors with other online services, we already have more than 200 of them!

Now you do not need to spend time writing program code yourself, you can link 2 or more services through our online interface in a few clicks!

This is how our system works with other systems.
Integration into ApiX-Drive
After registration, you will be able to "connect" more than 200 different online services. Without involving programmers and without programming skills! To get started, just register in 1 click!
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How to integrate Enquiz and other systems
with ApiX Drive by API

Now you don't need to hire programmers or integrators to automate Enquiz with other systems.
With ApiX-Drive you can connect and automate these systems in 5 minutes yourself.
Select the online systems to be linked
Specify the actions between systems
Turn on auto-update
The setup will not take more than 5 minutes.

Automation capabilities Enquiz
with other systems by API

Configure the rules once, according to which the systems will work.
Exchange data between Enquiz and other systems according to the specified interval
Integration Enquiz with other systems by API
Data source: Enquiz, available actions:
  • Get Data

F.A.Q. on integration with Enquiz

How is the integration of Enquiz carried out?

  • First, you need to register in ApiX-Drive
  • Next, select the service in the web interface you need to integrate with Enquiz (currently 244 available connectors)
  • Choose what data to transfer from one system to another
  • Turn on auto-update
  • Now the data will be automatically transferred from one system to another.

How long does the integration take?

Depending on the system you want to integrate, the setup time may vary from 5 to 30 minutes. On average, it takes 10-15 minutes.

How much does it cost to integrate Enquiz with other systems?

You don't need to pay for the integration, as all the functionality is available at all tariff plans. You pay only for the amount of data transferred from one of your systems to another through our service. If you have a small amount of data per month, you can use a free plan and switch to a paid one, if necessary. More information about tariffs .

How many integrations are available for Enquiz?

At the moment, we have 244 integrations Enquiz with other systems
API information for Enquiz

An easy way to increase conversions is to give your visitors what they are looking for. But what will help you better know your target audience, their needs, objections and desires? Ask them about it directly, using a questionnaire or questionnaire. A simple marketing quiz maker with ready-made Enquiz templates will help you create such polls. You can choose the right one by the type of activity of the company, by the type of questionnaire, by design. You can also create your own template. Depending on the purpose of the survey, it may include various additional options.

With Enquiz, you can create all kinds of polls: with a branch, with a gift, to get accurate calculations or a fixed result. Quiz is set in the page code, you can choose the appropriate size of the static block, or it can be opened from the cover, or from the first question after the user clicks on a certain button.

Thanks to surveys, you can collect all the necessary information about your visitors, conduct analytics and offer them accurate solutions that best suit their needs.

Enquiz effectively integrates with analytics services: Google Analytics, Yandex.Direct, etc., as well as with those systems that your business uses: CRM, telephony, etc. For this, Enquiz has an open API for developers.

Integrations make the service even more functional, allow you to work in one window, conveniently interact with visitors and track the result.

To connect your systems with Enquiz, you can use the services of programmers. But for this you will need to allocate money and spend time. There is another solution - the ApiX-Drive online connector for services and systems. The service has ready-made API integrations Enquiz with popular CRM systems and other applications. Just choose yours among them and set up a connection in 5 minutes. You can try for free to make sure that developers are not needed with ApiX-Drive - any employee can handle the integrations.

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